What is the ROI of a Press Release?

In the PR industry, I think there’s one thing we’re never going to stop doing, proving the worth of what we do.

But that’s a lot more difficult than it sounds.

Gone are the days when a simple Advertising Equivalent Value (AEV) could give our clients peace of mind, that they were definitely getting their money’s worth. Nowadays, we’re left counting cuttings and trying to calculate the real business value of a double-page spread.

How do you measure raising awareness? We can look at circulation figures and readership, site visits and page views. But how do we know those people actually read about our client’s latest venture from start to finish.

How do you measure changing opinion? We can look at comments on social media and listen to what those around us say, but do we really know if someone on the opposite side of the world has read your article and changed their opinion because of it?

The answer is we don’t, but of course all is not lost.

What we do have is feedback and that is something along with all the traditional methods we value above all else. Has our press release resulted in a new business lead for you? Did you walk into a sales meeting or introduction to a potential customer and were known instantly because of your press coverage?

We build credibility and trust and the only way to verify that is through our clients that we’re building it for. Sometimes one phone call or one new business connection can make a real positive impact and fund the value of the whole press release itself.

There’s also the element of what you do with that press release and how far you really push it. In the past we’ve secured extra business for our clients by using case study coverage to tweet potential customers, sent out direct e-mail marketing using online links to positive case studies and also created sales documents to be sent directly to client databases.

All of the above are much more measurable and easier to pinpoint where the enquiry came from.

But that brings us back to our old trusty press release. What really is your Return on Investment? My advice, try it and let me know what it does for your business.

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What goes on behind the scenes of a PR agency?

It isn’t just all Ab Fab champagne and launches, believe me working in a busy PR agency is quite far from glamorous. (But don’t get me wrong there’s never a dull moment!)

The most difficult task I ever come up against in daily conversations is explaining exactly what Publicity Seekers do. In the early ‘nouteens’ (can I coin that phrase?) we were still very much a media based agency. Newspapers and magazines were our bread and butter and our results were measured on advertising equivalents and cuttings numbers.

But then the digital age struck and as more and more people adapted, we were given even more opportunities to reach our client’s target markets from newsletters and social media to online publications, forums and communities.

Google and web traffic became much more important to our clients and we had to find a way to adapt our skills in content marketing and SEO too.

We work across a very diverse range of industries including construction, engineering, manufacturing, finance, law, retail and so many more, plus a range of one-off projects such as launches or events.

Business to business is what we specialise in but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s all we do. Arena tours, restaurants and crowdfunding projects we have all excelled in and packed out thousands at events across the country.

So what’s a day in our office like? To the sound of Absolute 00’s (Radio one when I’m in control) we all begin to arrive from 7am. E-mails are checked, social media posts and accounts are monitored and we begin to get a rough idea of our day ahead.

Of course in this industry one phonecall can change the entire course of any day so making sure you get through as much as you can while you have precious office time is crucial.

From there the days goes on to client meetings and quarterly reports, where we present our work delivered over the last three months and begin planning on the direction in which we take the next three.

Action plans updated, e-mails answered, we then start putting work into motion, arranging photographs, interviews and speaking to journalists to find out what they’re working on.

Newsletters scheduled, Facebook posts perfected, approval comes through on a feature from a client, so we send it through to the journalist and give them a call to see if they need anything else.

Website content updated, traffic monitored, we filter client marketing offers and send through the select few we think will be of benefit to run alongside our campaigns.

Photographs edited, video content uploaded, we start on our mountain of award submissions for the upcoming Business Awards, of which we have a very good track record.

Around 6pm most of our days will finish, but that of course doesn’t end our work, if we’re not attending an event or working late, we’re constantly watching the news, keeping up on Twitter and listening out for any opportunities for our clients.

If you think PR could be of benefit to your business contact me on 07789445508 or e-mail kmoody@publicityseekers.co.uk