Changing Futures North East appoints new team to take on life-changing programme

A North East charity has made three key appointments to spearhead its pioneering Healthy Relationships Programme.

Changing Futures North East has appointed Jayne Moules as the charity’s Strategic Development Manager, Nicola Walker as Consultant Psychotherapist/Practice Development Manager and Pauline Banks as Couple and Family Relationships Coordinator.

The appointments will support the charity’s £1.5m grant-funded programme in carrying out ground-breaking research into building healthy relationships surrounding children.

Previously Jayne worked to coordinate a variety of significant family support programmes across the region including the roll-out of SureStart Centres. Her new role will involve her engaging with key stakeholders across the spectrum to work in creating a family relationship hub within the charity’s local area of Hartlepool.

Jayne said: “I wasn’t pro-actively looking for a change, but when I heard about Changing Futures North East and came to Hartlepool to learn more about the pioneering work they were carrying out, I knew this would be an extremely exciting project for me to work on.

“For the charity to be chosen as one of only three places in the country to carry out this innovative work is an honour and the full team and I cannot wait to begin reporting our findings and looking at how we can implement change.”

The Healthy Relationships Programme aims to strengthen relationships between families therefore benefitting the community in a variety of different ways. The project will begin to shift the way services work and think, benefitting future generations and the area in which they live, whilst helping to improve parental communication and relationships.

Pauline Banks had previously worked as a head teacher before leaving education to undertake her psychotherapy training. She joins Changing Futures, taking a key role in the organisation and support of group couple sessions working to improve their own partnerships through group discussions.

Pauline said: “I left education taking with me so much experience of children, their needs and the effect of the relationships around them. I wanted to give more back so I began my psychotherapy training so that I could work with couples and help them to think together about their future and build a strategy for them to move forward together positively.

“Joining Changing Futures North East has been brilliant, we are a charity with big ambitions that really wants to make a difference by carrying out pioneering research and projects and there is such a great team in place to make this happen.”

After working as a Group Psychotherapist for the NHS Foundation Trust, Nicola Walker worked as a Mental Health Practitioner working in forensic personality disorder. She joins the team to aid in carrying out the ground-breaking research project into couples and domestic violence.

She said: “I have come into Changing Futures North East at a really exciting time, I was so impressed with the research they are undertaking in order to change general practice and the way that relationships are handled.

“Although Changing Futures is a smaller organisation, it is extremely innovative, responsive and is working hard to make a difference. The energy, life and connection within this team is incomparable and I’m confident our work into healthy relationships will make a real positive impact.”

In return the programme hopes to see less demand from the care sector, improved family relationships, positive inter-generational changes further down the line and also an improvement in school attendance and education.

Changing Futures offers support to children and families across the Tees Valley, offering access to mediation, mentoring and supporting children’s education. To learn more about the organisation or the Healthy Relationships Project, visit the website here: