Total Recycling Services is encouraging employees to take a bike.

Almost a quarter of Total Recycling Services’ staff are now cycling to work thanks to a new employee initiative.

Out of 97 members of staff, 21 are now cycling their way into work each day thanks to the scheme in conjunction with CycleScheme, a cycle to work provider who runs the project in partnership with Total Recycling Services.

The council most recently released its Air Quality Annual Status Report for 2017, which showed that Darlington was way ahead of other areas in the UK with only 3.5% of analysed particulates relating to pollution in the air.

Carol Gee, Finance Director at Total Recycling Services who oversees the program, said: “A few members of the team initially came to us saying they would like to cycle to work and it snowballed from there.

“As a company it means a lot to see the staff taking on our company values and aiding towards continually improving our carbon footprint.

“We are constantly providing a consultancy to businesses about their environmental sustainability and waste management, so we always want to lead by example.”

The government-implemented scheme requires employees to apply to CycleScheme, who send the application back to Total Recycling Services for approval before sending out a coupon worth up to £600 to purchase a bike.

Carol continued: “It’s a great choice for our employees who want to do their part in helping the environment but haven’t got the option to go and pay for a bicycle out right. This way, they pay as little as £6 a week for their bike.”

The company most recently celebrated its ISO14001 audit, which sets out criteria for an environmental management system the company must adhere to, to lower its production of air, water, and land pollutants.

Total Recycling Services is one of the UK’s leading waste management providers, specialising in commercial recycling, hazardous waste recovery and industrial services. Based in Darlington, the recycling company recently set a target to double turnover by 2020.