Time for a creative challenge

Every year the Publicity Seekers team takes a day out to complete a certain creative challenge.

The challenge includes each individual on our team being given £100 to spend in any way they want. The only parameters we had were that it had to be creative, we had to be able to write a blog about it, and most importantly, we had to have fun.

As I was given the task I wracked my brain for the ideas for what I could do. Anything that was outside the box or zany. The usual things entered my head, like a bungee jump or sky dive. I even checked the days flight listings to see how far I could get on the money I was given.

While great ideas, I didn’t see the potential of why anyone would care that I managed to fly to Amsterdam and back. I wanted to find something that was important to the people of Hartlepool and the history of the town.

Then it hit me: ‘Why not the history of the town?’

I’d decided on putting together a time capsule of everything that makes Hartlepool great. Instantly, I thought of Cameron’s Brewery and its world renowned ruby red ale, Strongarm. I thought of the town’s seafaring history and the National Museum of the Royal Navy and I thought of the mighty Hartlepool United and of course, monkeys.

I started by visiting the brewery, and acquiring a bottle of the famous ruby red. I stopped to speak to some of the gentleman in the bar and asked them what they thought was the defining aspect of their town. One answer I received from a little elderly gentleman, missing some of his teeth, was ‘the women’.

After we all laughed, I told him I don’t think it would be possible (or legal) to put a woman in a time capsule and I went off to the maritime museum.

At the museum, I wanted to find a replica of the prominent 1800’s frigate the HMS Trincomalee which towers so proudly above the marina. Whilst there I was informed of the Heugh Battery in the Headland of the town and its significance in the First World War.

Unfortunately, the Battery was closed so I went to make my final stop on the journey, Victoria Park.

I purchased a home shirt from the brilliant little club shop on site at the stadium and a teddybear with the old Hartlepool United logo on it. Although, no matter how much I pleaded with the assistant in the store he wouldn’t take me to see Hangus.

So, there you have it! So far, our time capsule contains things from three of the most prominent historical places throughout the town. However, that’s not the end. We want to hear from people about the sentimental things they think should be included.

If you would like to take part in our time capsule challenge then please contact me either by email at jsaunders@publicityseekers.co.uk or by phone at 01429 874555.