WTF has that got to do with anything?

As a PR company we understand the importance of awareness days and the positive effects they can have for our clients. However, we also know that just because an awareness day exists, it doesn’t mean we should jump on it at the first opportunity.

For an example, picture this. You’re scrolling social media on your lunch break and you come across a small SME based in the Rotherham who sell u-bends for toilets.

Weirdly, it has posted an image celebrating ‘International Talk like a Pirate Day’ (Yes, that is a real day. 21 September. Look it up.)

Now, unless they specifically sell u-bends for pirate ships, what has that got to do with their business?

Yes, it’s a little bit of fun in a world full of clear product advertisements and typical business speak (check out our Bullshit Busters series on social media for some examples) but what, if anything, does it add to their business?

You can say to me that it’s only a little bit of fun and I agree but we can’t deny the need to properly identify which awareness days we can back as a business that can properly portray the messages of a client’s brand.

At Publicity Seekers we work alongside a medical diagnostics company that develops machinery for the monitoring of blood clotting factors in the blood. As such we help to raise awareness of events/ days that are relevant to their brand, such as World Thrombosis Day and World Blood Donor Day.

Similarly, we work with a Civil Engineering company who, every year, back International Women in Engineering Day as this is something that is important to their brand and to the industry they work in as a whole.

We have identified these awareness days as being relevant to what our clients find important and to help increase the dialogue around a number of very important issues.

It’s not all seriousness though and some awareness days can allow a brand to portray a different side to their personality. By celebrating days that may be important to specific members of staff a brand can demonstrate that it knows its people and appreciates the same things they appreciate.

Take for instance if a worker, or a member of their family, had been affected by a serious illness. A company could support a day to help raise funds and awareness for that specific illness or a charity that supports it by doing something fun or wacky. Yes, it helps to portray the company as caring about important issues but you’re also helping not only staff morale but the wider community.

Look, I’m not saying you have to be a boring company with a bland company ethos so if you want to dress like a pirate or a ninja (which actually sounds quite cool) go for it. If you do though, why not do it for a reason?

It just makes no bloody sense just to do it for the craic when there are any number of ways an enterprise can properly utilise awareness days that can have a positive effect on all aspects of the business and the local community.

Saying that, I’m off to buy my ninja costume!

If you’re interested in what we can do here at Publicity Seekers that will make you and your company look good, then give us a call.