Can PR be Brutally Honest?

Yes, it f*cking can.

For me, honesty is the most important tool in a PR professional’s arsenal. To tell honest and accurate stories and to truthfully communicate with a client, not only helps to build relationships with those who dictate your budget but also with your audience.

At Publicity Seekers, we strive to distance ourselves from the bullsh*t image of the conventional Public Relations agency. Who can normally be seen storming around in power suits all day making ‘important’ phonecalls or having innovative ‘pow-wows’ using too many of our bullsh*t buster words to count.

For some, that may be the ideal of what Public Relations means to them but for us we believe in a little more humanity. (Mainly because we can’t be arsed to wear a power suit.)

When I state to people I work in PR, I sometimes get asked if I’m good at spinning things. ‘Spin’ is so well ingrained into what people think PR is, that it seems revolutionary to them for an agency to simply tell the truth. They’re usually pretty surprised when I firstly order a pint and then secondly tell them it’s all about shouting through all the crap and in our case, telling the truth about the good things our clients do.

Last year, I attended a series of seminars and panels held by PR Moment in London. Amongst the speakers on the day were Féilim Mac An Iomaire, then from online betting platform Paddy Power and Lord Chadlington Peter Gummer, PR advisor and founder of Shandwick International.

Both chaps have since, for me, had a large impact on the philosophy behind Publicity Seekers’ #BrutallyHonestPR campaign and my idea of honesty within Public Relations.

Felim, was at the time, Head of PR at Paddy Power. He gave a presentation on how Paddy Power use tongue in cheek humour in promoting their offers. When you look at the Paddy Power brand they are not afraid to push and sometimes cross the line of what they can get away with to accomplish this.

This is something that is the undercurrent of the entire #BrutallyHonestPR campaign but instead of pushing the line with controversial PR stunts we want to push the line with the controversial but simple truth. Yes, it’s that crazy.

Following this, Lord Chadlington stated that in the not too distant future he believes the only agencies that will have the muscle to survive in such a competitive industry will be the small ‘aggressive’ digital agencies who are willing to evolve and do things a little differently to their traditional counterparts and differentiate their offerings.

This again is an idea which has come into maturity over my time at Publicity Seekers.

We offer a wide range of ‘traditional’ PR options that you’d more typically associate with us but now we’re introducing podcasts, influencer work, digital platforms and so much more to get our clients in front of our target audiences.

Have a chat with us about PR, I bet it’ll surprise you just how #BrutallyHonest we are.