Hart Biologicals

Hart Biologicals is a Hartlepool based medical equipment manufacturer that specialises in the development and manufacture of diagnostic machinery used in the investigation of blood clotting disorders in the community, hospital laboratories and war zones. The company also undertakes contract manufacture for a number of other organisations around the world.

Hart Biologicals exports to over 46 countries and works with prominent companies world-wide. Primarily TEM Gmbh in Germany, Chrono-Log in the USA and Instrumentation Laboratory S.p.A. – Werfen in Italy.

Started in 2002. Managing Director Alby Pattison worked with the Thrombosis Reference Centre (now known as the Haematology Research Unit) at Manchester University Foundation Trust to acquire the rights to the Manchester Capillary Agent, a combined thromboplastin reagent for use in the ‘in-vitro control of patient anticoagulant therapy’.

This was Hart Biologicals’ first ever product that they still make and sell to this day and is the basis for a number of innovative projects the company has undertaken over the years.

Since its formation, Hart Bioloigcals has been awarded the Export Company of the Year at the Bionow Biomedical Awards in 2014. Export Award at the Hartlepool Business Awards 2014 and Export and Innovation awards at the North East Business Awards 2015, Small Business of the Year, Export Business of the Year and Innovation Business of the Year at the North East Business Awards in 2017, Manufacturer of the Year and Exporter of the Year 2017

In 2016, Alby was named Business Leader of the Year at the Hartlepool Business Awards, was recently awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honour and appointed a Deputy Lord Lieutenant for County Durham. He is also a Governor at a number of schools in the North East and is Treasurer and well-liked Lifetime Member of his local rugby club.

Alby said: “I am absolutely honoured by all of this, Buckingham Palace was an amazing experience and to get these two accolades is just incredible.”

“It’s a great honour to be asked to represent the Queen and stand in for the Lord Lieutenant. It’s a relatively small band of people who have a very honourable role.”

The company places a huge importance on its staff and aims to support its team members through development programs aiming to improve staff skills and encourages the progress of young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related fields through the use of STEM Ambassadors which attend career events and school presentations on behalf of the company.

Richard Chapman, R&D Scientist and STEM Ambassador, said: ““When I’m at one of these events I try to stay away from hosting typical lectures or seminars. Sitting and listening to someone read a text book at you is boring so I like to get the students doing different activities and making those connections for themselves as I believe that’s the bit that inspires them.

“I went into, my old secondary school recently, and it was good for the pupils to see someone like me. Sometimes young people think ‘how is science ever going to be relevant for me?’ and then I walk in as a scientist who once sat where they were.

“I can say to them ‘I’m from here, I grew up where you grew up and now I’m a scientist’ and it’s great for them to see that.”

For more information about Hart Biologicals, go to Hart Biologicals’ website here.

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