Why events make brutally good PR

Everyone loves a day out. That’s why corporate events are so enjoyable. It’s all fun and games when your rubbing shoulders with guests and have a cheeky glass of bubbly but does the fun stop when you’re the one organising the event?

During a career in Public Relations I attend and organise many events for many different reasons.

Working with clients such as local colleges, civil engineering companies, recycling companies, etc, has allowed me in the past to attend things such as open days, fresher’s fairs, mayoral visits, building site openings and even awards evenings.

But what can events actually do to raise the profile of a business? I’ve already mentioned that I have arranged and attended visits by politicians such as the Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen for a number of our clients.

This has helped in putting those companies firmly on the radar of Mr Houchen. In some cases, helping the mayor to understand the different challenges of the various industries we work within and what needs to be done to facilitate them to grow from a Governmental or Combined Authority level.

If you’re a company and you are looking at putting on a specific event, then read on to learn our #BrutallyHonest tips on how to organise that special occasion.

The Build Up

The most important thing for any event is the build-up. You need to get people excited about what you’re trying to do. If people aren’t excited, then they probably won’t come. I’ve been to many networking events which I’ve hated because I wasn’t fully motivated by it beforehand. By simply using tools such as social media you can sow the seeds of enthusiasm. Develop a hashtag and get it trending.

The Guest List

It’s incredibly important to know your demographic. Who will be coming to your event? What do you want them to take away from the experience? By understanding who is in attendance you can work to tailor what your message is and how you come across as a business to your guests.


Will there be a speaker at your event? Who will be the headline performer? Will they be relevant to the message of your brand and your event? If you’re the star, GREAT. You can mould your message perfectly.

The Press

Events are a fantastic opportunity to invite the press down. You can use this as a great form of publicity. By inviting the press, you increase the chances of getting coverage and you also improve and build lasting relationships with journalists. If you’re not arranging the event and you’re just another attendee, why not invite a journo as your plus one?

The Aftermath

Once the dust settles you need to think about how you can keep the party going. At Publicity Seekers we use events as an opportunity to go out and speak with people from industry. We film, interview and photograph event attendees and use this content to share over social media. One piece of content can be utilised in a variety of different ways to publicise your event and make the people who didn’t attend come to the next one. If you’re crap at photography, hire a professional and use his images in any PR material you put together.

Now crack on with that planning!