Matt adds gloss to career with Internship

Hi there. My name is Matthew Windram and I’m the new intern here at Publicity Seekers. I am a 19-year-old, full time student at the Northern School of Art, studying graphic design.

I have been with the team for a little over two months now and I can safely say that I am enjoying every working moment both in and out of the office.

I am constantly provided with new opportunities and tasks, which require a little more than just sitting at a desk, and that’s something that I love.

Meeting the team for the first time, I felt instantly welcomed, greeted with a room full of smiling faces and the beautiful sound of smooth radio playing in the background.

The nerves that I had felt prior to walking into the room, were quickly quashed as I sank into the office sofa.

My first piece of work was gathering research for an up and coming website called Hype Hunter being developed by the team. This task consisted primarily of searching the internet for new and interesting news stories that would be of interest to websites target audience.

As time went by, I was being tasked with larger jobs and soon found myself producing work that would be used for active clients.

I really enjoyed doing these sort of tasks, as they usually required me to produce a piece of digital media such as a promotional video, or infographic.

Completing work for clients also meant that I had to travel to locations outside of the office, to help other members of the team with filming.

Some projects that I helped film include the construction of new homes at Wynyard Park and Fresher’s Week at Hartlepool College of Further Education.

I particularly enjoy these tasks, as I spend a lot of my free time making videos and taking photographs of whatever catches my eye.

The fact that I can apply the knowledge and passion that I have for photography within my work here at Publicity Seekers is an added bonus.

As each week passes, I continue to learn new software and writing skills, as well as improving upon my time efficiency.

I am really grateful that I am able to work alongside the team on a weekly basis and I hope that I am able to continue my work experience here until the team gets sick of me.

I would highly encourage anyone to seek out work experience, especially in an industry that will benefit your future career.

The knowledge and understanding that I have gained here at Publicity Seekers continuously helps me on a daily basis with my work for University and I’ve loved every minute.