Sober October: Why I’m setting myself regular challenges

It’s not unusual for us in the Publicity Seekers office to enjoy a civilised glass of Shiraz or the odd Jägerbomb on a weekend.

However, this month I’ve set myself the task of going sober for October. Two weeks in and everything seems to be going pretty well…

This is just one of many challenges I’ve set myself in 2018 to take that next step forward in my personal development.

I was in no means a heavy drinker at the start of the challenge, but I thought it was a fitting experiment to help me improve my fitness in both body and mind.

Since beginning the experiment I’ve noticed a huge change in my outlook. From workload to housework, I’ve seen a big improvement in my productivity too.

I was inspired to undertake these challenges after learning of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a psychological theory comprising of the five tiers of human needs.

I now find myself at the top that pyramid, in self actualisation, trying to become the most that I can be.

This has manifested in my current challenge and the many challenges I’ve set myself over the past year.

These small challenges range from professional development – including public speaking, which is something I hate – through to attending networking events and seminars on how to grow my skills in public relations. I feel my sober challenge is just as significant.

Someone once told me: “Being outside of your comfort zone means you’re growing.”

That has always stayed with me and by setting myself small challenges, I’m moving what I believe my boundaries to be and in turn helping to not only increase my self-belief, but to also discover more about myself both professionally and in my personal life. This, in turn, helps me to recognise my power as a creative and a professional.

Next up – a marathon perhaps? I don’t know where my journey will take me next, but I’m excited to find out.

Jonny has been raising funds throughout October for Evie’s Mission, a Teesside based charity aiming to raise £75,000 to help a local woman receive lifesaving immunotherapy in Germany. To sponsor Jonny and contribute to the fund, click here.