Kate Ingham

Kate is the Senior Account Executive at Publicity Seekers. Her role involves working on campaigns for clients, looking at statistics, writing a wide variety of copy (including press releases, interviews and technical features) and most importantly… keeping clients up to date with all the publicity they are receiving!

Before joining the Publicity Seekers team, Kate gained experience in a variety of different roles, including web administration, web accessibility, communications and digital marketing. Kate has worked in many different areas, including B2B, B2C, the public sector and voluntary sector; so knows the differences between the sectors and what techniques work best where.

Kate enjoys applying her digital marketing skills to her work at Publicity Seekers, looking at how clients can use keywords to propel themselves to page one in the search engines and how call to actions can be used on a page to encourage customers to complete tasks online. She is happiest when she has the opportunity to be creative and technical at the same time.

Kate has a passion for social media and enjoys looking at ways that she can increase levels of followers and engagement for her clients. After over 11 years of working on Twitter, she is a pro at condensing the news into 140 characters or less. Her crowning achievement is increasing Instagram followers for a client by 470% in the space of 18 months.

In her spare time, Kate enjoys going to gigs, arts and crafts, reading, cooking and playing computer games. She also runs a blog where she reviews afternoon teas across the North East.