Katy Moody

Overseeing strategies and ensuring our clients are doing everything to get in-front of their target audiences is the task of Katy Moody. The dynamic Account Manager works across a range of different platforms to make sure our clients are reaching their full potential. Of course when she’s not visiting new clients or delivering our top notch quarterly reports, she’s organising the next Publicity Seekers night out which very often includes a few glasses of wine.

  • Katy headed up our dynamic Eat Tweet campaign, that had over 8 million people following on social media and Domino’s Pizza trying to hijack her hashtag.
  • Within three months of working with her last client, she had them win a national industry award.
  • She once played viola at the Sage, however was told to just play an open string by the conductor as her playing ‘lacked flair.’
  • She has a rule of visiting three different countries each year, apparently Ibiza counts this Summer.
  • She’s determined to run the London marathon by the time she reaches 30.
  • The most famous person she’s had a night out with is Christopher Biggins.
  • She is the biggest Beyonce fan, and ended up going to see her twice on her last UK tour.
  • Sometimes the office can feel a bit like Parcelforce with her deliveries from ASOS, Pretty little Thing and Missguided arriving weekly.
  • When not working you can usually find her in and around Newcastle, usually with a glass of prosecco in her hand.
  • She is a keen instagrammer and never a day goes by without her account @whatkatyjanedid featuring a quick update from the office.