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Michael Lamb

PUBLICITY Seekers Business Director Michael Lamb has returned home to his native North East having spent the last 12 years living and working in London. During his time in exile he’s worked with and for a number of leading global brands including the likes of Microsoft, Direct Line Group, Canon and Sony.

Michael’s also been fortunate to work with some hugely successful challenger brands and startups who’ve disrupted markets at home and abroad. More importantly, he feels he’s benefitted most from working alongside some amazingly smart people who’ve helped him develop his skills and personality.

In the words of a recent client: “Michael has a personable and engaging style but really cuts through to what’s most important and piercing. His strategic mindset meant that in 2016 we achieved much more than in 2015, but with significantly less effort. As a consequence the reputation of the business and our marketing has taken another big step up.”

In March, Michael took the decision to return home to the North East to take up his role at Publicity Seekers. The decision wasn’t taken lightly, but Michael believed it was the right time in his life to return home to spend more time with family and friends. In addition, his new PR agency offered him the perfect platform to continue to grow and establish a career back home in the region.

Michael is in no doubt that this is the beginning of another extremely exciting chapter in his career. He strongly believes he and the team at Publicity Seekers can play a significant role in once again establishing the North East as a true industrial powerhouse, not only in the UK but also on a global level.

“The area has changed beyond belief since I left. In fact, I can’t believe how many businesses are at the forefront of innovation in their chosen industry sectors, both at home and abroad. I don’t say that with any disrespect, I’ve always been proud of the region’s strong industrial heritage. But, living in London I rarely ever read anything positive about our region’s businesses. In fact, the region is painted in a bad light too much of the time and its something I plan on changing.

“When I graduated from the University of Teesside I had very few options on the table if I wanted to pursue a career in marketing and PR. Moving to London was inevitable. Thankfully the situation has changed for the better. We now have a bigger and better talent pool to help our businesses grow and achieve long-term success.

“What makes me so sure? Well, during my time in London I was part of the booming tech sector that established the M4 corridor as a global powerhouse for tech innovation. This region has many similarities and I truly believe if we come together as a region we can achieve great things. But we need more vocal business leaders who are willing to step forward and tell the rest of the country and the world how great their businesses are. This type of leadership is what’s need now in order to support our communities and strengthen our businesses.”

Before his move to London Michael spent four years in HM Royal Navy during which time he served on HMS Campbelltown and completed a tour of duty in the Gulf region. Beyond that Michael is a Middlesbrough FC fan and also supports a number of charities that include @UNICEF_uk @RSPCA_official @MoveTheWorld and @CR_UK. In fact, he cycled a 100 miles to raise money for @HelpforHeroes!